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By Millie Cooper, Jan 6 2017 04:38PM

Long time no hear from me as I have been very busy all of 2016 on another project.... MilliOnAir Global Magazine.

I hope to be back soon when i have time to create again. In the mean time HAPPY 2017 and may all your dreams come true.

Lots of love

Millie xxx

By Millie Cooper, May 27 2016 10:51AM

Happy Summer London...

I have been very busy, I have been away, I have been chilling and all has gone crazy good in my life recently!

I have been rocking my passion and creating more art in the last few days, weeks and months in the background of my busy life... A lot of everyday life inspires me and I am always having fun and laughing. Take a look at my Instagram for my latest pieces.

Have a wonderful weekend



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